2019-2020 Catalog

352 Engineering 2019-2020 Fresno City College Catalog 4 ENGINEERING MATERIALS 3 units, 3 lecture hours, (Formerly Engineering 32) PREREQUISITE: Chemistry 1A and Physics 4A. ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended. Properties of engineering materials and their relation to atomic structure. The effect of microstructure on the mechanical, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties. Phase equilibria and strengthening processes for metals, ceramics, and polymers. (A, CSU, UC) 5 PROGRAMMING AND PROBLEM SOLVING IN MATLAB 4 units, 2 lecture hours, 3 lab hours PREREQUISITE: Mathematics 5A. ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended. Utilizes the MATLAB environment to provide students with a working knowledge of computer-based problem solving methods relevant to science and engineering. Introduces the fundamentals of procedural and object-oriented programming, numerical analysis, and data structures. Examples and assignments in the course are drawn from practical applications in engineering, physics, and mathematics. (C-ID ENGR 220) (A, CSU, UC) 6 CIRCUITS WITH LAB 4 units, 3 lecture hours, 3 lab hours PREREQUISITE: Physics 4B. COREQUISITE: Mathematics 7. ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended. An introductory course in the analysis of DC and AC linear circuits containing resistors, inductors, capacitors, independent and dependent voltage and current sources, and operational ampli ers. Lecture topics include Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Laws, node and mesh analysis, Thevenin’s and Norton’s Theorems, superposition, natural and forced response in rst and second order circuits, phasor analysis, resonance, AC steady- state power calculations, power transfer, and energy concepts. Lab component includes construction, testing, and analysis of linear electrical circuits. (C-ID ENGR 260 & 260L) (A, CSU, UC) 8 STATICS 3 units, 3 lecture hours, (Formerly Engineering 25) PREREQUISITE: Physics 4A. COREQUISITE: Mathematics 6. ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended. Rigid bodies in static equilibrium when acted upon by forces and couples in two- and three-dimensional space. Included are the equilibrium of rigid bodies, trusses, frames, and machines, as well as the calculations of the centers of mass, centroids, friction, and moments of inertia. Additional topics which may be covered include distributed forces in cables, beams, and uid statics; mass moments of inertia; and virtual work. (C-ID ENGR 130) (A, CSU, UC) 10 INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING 2 units, 1 lecture hour, 3 lab hours ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended. This course explores the branches of engineering, the functions of an engineer, and the industries in which engineers work. Explains the engineering education pathways and explores effective strategies for students to reach their full academic potential. Presents an introduction to the methods and tools of engineering problem solving and design including experimentation, data analysis, computer and communication skills, and the interface of the engineer with society and engineering ethics. (C-ID ENGR 110) (A, CSU, UC) 11 MANUFACTURING PROCESSES 3 units, 3 lecture hours ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended. Processing and manufacturing techniques for steel, ceramics, polymers, composites and other industrial materials. Topics include the capabilities and limitations of casting, welding, forming, and machining. Demonstrations and eld trips may be included. (A, CSU) 12 DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN 4 units, 3 lecture hours, 3 lab hours COREQUISITE: Mathematics 103. ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 1A recommended. Introductory course in the fundamentals of designing digital computer hardware. Course covers: logic gates, binary number system, conversion between number systems, Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, combinational logic, digital logic design, ip- ops, programmable logic devices (PLDs), counters, registers, memories, state machines, designing combinational logic and state machines into PLDs, and basic computer architecture. Lab assignments are design oriented. (A, CSU, UC) ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY SEE DRAFTING ENGLISH (ENGL) 1A READING AND COMPOSITION 4 units, 4 lecture hours PREREQUISITE: English 125 or English for Multi-Lingual Stu­ dents 167W and English 126 or English for Multi-Lingual Students 168R or English for Multi-Lingual Students 180RW or placement by multiple measures. Reading, analyzing, and writing college-level prose, with empha­ sis on the expository; studying writing as a process; exploring different writing strategies; summarizing, editing, and critiquing; conducting research (gathering, organizing, evaluating, integrating and documenting information). (C-ID ENGL 100) (A, CSU-GE, UC, I)